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Other interesting ways to make flowers last longer

If you are looking for unique ways to keep your flowers fresher longer, we invite you to read the following tips to keep your flowers fresh and crisp:

  • Refrigerate your flowers: Keeping your flowers in cool temperatures helps preserve them and prevent them from wilting. Place your bouquet in the refrigerator each night before bed and you'll get flowers that stay fresher longer.
  • Add some soda: While soft drinks (soda or soda) may not be the healthiest option for humans, it has a different effect on flowers. When you pour about ¼ cup of soda into a full vase, the sugar will help maintain and preserve your flowers longer.
  • Get out the vodka: When we think about vodka it doesn't seem like it helps the flowers stay healthy, but miraculously, it does. Add a couple of drops of vodka to a vase full of fresh flowers to inhibit ethylene production and minimize wilting of your bouquet.

The truth is that we cannot make fresh flowers last forever (even if it is our wish in a beautiful bouquet or flower arrangement) but there are steps to follow to extend their life and freshness. See for yourself how long you can make your bouquet last!

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